Valvomec’s objective is to supply a high quality product

The company Quality System is the heart of a Quality Production monitored all along the manufacturing process.

At Valvomec the Quality System is a true Company System

A process under control:
The raw material entering the factory is all checked with a Digital Spectrometer.

During the machining cycle all products are checked at their machining islands at Planned Regular intervals. The final check is then completed in the temperature controlled Metrology Room by dedicated technicians. With the help of our 3D Mistral automatic measuring machine equipped with a 5 axis tilting Renishaw PH20 probe with continuous scanning we can accurately verify all dimension and tolerances and have detailed printed reports.
In this room we also check the surface rugosity and finish of the machined parts with the help of Digital visual displays and Optical microscopes.

Strict leak tests performed on 100% of the products are the last but indispensable test.

Having our own metrology room
is part of our company objective of continuous improvement.
It allows us to successfully monitor the complete production process and to introduce the necessary corrective actions in real time.