Valvomec 90 years of experience with Bronze,
evolving and following the market with winning answers to new challenges.

Special Processing

The entire production chain is present at the plant, a choice that allows you to take care of all critical phases of the production process.

Next to the products Valvomec brand, the “Company System“, Next to the products Valvomec brand, the “Company System”, with its young and dynamic staff and thanks to many years of business experience in the field of casting and bronze work, is able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers to design and produce special pieces, processing according to customer design, valves, taps and details in bronze for each type of application.

International Market

We are present on the market since 1929 as a company of international reference in the field of industrial valves in bronze and the precision machining of mechanical components in bronze.

The 85% of the turnover is exported to northern Europe, and then reach markets around the world.


Foreign sales

Customer Oriented

The customer and his needs are our priority.
Valvomec always collaborates with the technical departments from across Europe to make available its knowledge on bronze and create products of high quality.
In addition, Valvomec has a complete in-house production cycle, starting from designing and prototyping and continuing with casting and machining to assembly and test. The final results are products of high technical and quality standard, correct price and fast delivery.


Valvomec, to guarantee efficiency and reduce waste takes advantage of the potential of automation and Information Technology with innovative solutions applied to their machining process.

The added values coming from nearly a century of company history are reliability and dedication to work together with a strong drive for improvement and passion for new challenges.

Investment in Technology and Human Resources, constant application of a work method, and the continuous improvement objective are the key of our success.


A Quality System which guarantees rigorous control procedures for goods-in and at each stage of production.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
TUV Nord for the production of cryogenic valves

On the finish product hydrostatic and pneumatic tests are performed according to EN 12266 2004 on 100% of the products we manufacture. On request we perform special tests with oil and at low pressure.


Products Tested

Logistic and Packaging

The shipping stage is extremely important as transport and handling are not allowed to compromise the quality of the product.
For this reason Valvomec pay much attention to goods handling and packaging to guarantee the full integrity and traceability of the products. On request special packaging is provided